A mishmash of other creative projects and explorations.

Down the Middle

A visual interpretation of Episode 11 “Rumors” of the Serial podcast, during which the host Sarah Koenig explores Adnan’s character as described by those who knew him at age 18, prior to his arrest and murder conviction.



An experimental fashion line illustrating the depletion of natural resources through burning, with wood representing nature and black fabric embodying smoke.
Designed and created with Rachel Muse



A collection of motion graphic pieces.


Doodles from Life


I Eat

An exploration into data visualization and generative pattern making through habit tracking. I tracked my personal eating habits and visualized them in abstract forms under qualities such as size, texture and flavor.


Q Letterform

An exercise in experimental typeface created from shredded paper. Each letter was made by twirling a piece of shredded paper around the fingers and allowing the natural curves of the paper to guide the formation of letters. Inspired by organic curves and elegant script fonts.
Created with Rae Headrick.